Block the sun not the vue with Motorized Patio Shades
Block the sun not the vue with Motorized Patio Shades

Garage Door Screen

A garage door screen is becoming very popular today.  Because people want to take advantage of the garage space and utilize it to the max.  However, sun and insects can make it difficult to spend any time in the garage without making a mad dash to the inside of the home for relief.


Well, now with Universal Screens motorized garage screen you can block the sun and the insects. This allows you to be in the garage enjoying the space doing the things you enjoy outdoors.  The garage screen fits right on the outside of the garage door opening.  The motorized garage door screen has tracks and a housing that the fabric screen rolls neatly out of site.  You just point the remote at the garage door screen and up or down it goes.  Go over to the motorized screens page and learn more about the motorized system we use.

Manual Crank

If you are not bothered by the insects you can install a manual garage door screen.  These have an manual crank to raise or lower the garage screen.  The manual crank is a cost effective way to solve a solar challenge.  With a few quick measurements and we can find out what size of custom screen you will need.  Most double wide garages are 16’x7′  This can be installed by our installers or you can install it yourself.  Go over to the manual screens page and learn more about the manual screen system.

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